The Joy of Cooking Creatively

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The feeling that you get when you knock a meal out of the park by using your own creative judgement, and little to no recipe is one of the best feelings in the world.  Taking beautiful piece of wild caught salmon, or grabbing something interesting like green bean noodle sheets.  Then walking to your fridge, and start grabbing ingredients and come up with something that is great is always wonderful.  But here’s the rub, what if you are one of the many people out there who is to unsure of your cooking skills to really go off experimenting in the kitchen.  Well I want to talk to you about how to gain some confidence and go play in the kitchen.

I first started cooking when i was 7 years old.  I often was either in the kitchen with my mom and dad helping and tasting.  By the time I got to be about 10 or so I was able to cook on my own.  You can probably imagine that I learned a few great tips from my parents, and I am sure you can you can also imagine that I wasn’t a chef  at 10.  In 1980 there weren’t many popular TV that really showed off cooking like there is today, as a result there weren’t many child prodigies in the world of cuisine.  All I had was with my own desire of eating what I wanted to eat, and making it as good as I could.  At that time, I was playing a lot of sports like football, baseball, and basketball, so my creativity consisted of huge omelettes and stuffed cheese burgers.  Now, my tastes are quite different, as you can see with the sesame seed crusted pan seared tuna featured in the above photo.

Taking the chance to go with and idea is sometimes intimidating, but here is one tip I use for that.  I tell myself what is the worse thing that can happen?  What if I make something that I don’t like?  What if I totally mess the whole thing up?  The single answer I tell myself to all of those questions is: Who cares? If I don’t like it then I have learned that.  If I mess it up then I’ll learn what I did wrong.  

No matter what happens when you step off on your own in the kitchen, you can easily appreciate the outcome given the proper attitude.  Being thankful for the meals that you or a loved one created I believe is the key to conscious cooking, where all great food comes from.

Go have some fun!! 

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