Recipe: Honey Sesame Treats

About this recipe:

This tasty recipe is an IIN community favorite for many reasons.  Its easy, its a sweet treat, and its highly nutritious.  Using this wonderful treat as a medicine, you’ll find that you’ll do great things for yourself because sesame seeds have a great number of health benefits.  Some of those benefits include:

  • Great source of fiber
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Supports healthy bones
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Great source of essential B vitamins
  • Aids in blood cell formation

By using your own local honey for this recipe you will also be protecting yourself against allergens that are specific to your local community.


Health Benefits:

Antioxidant, Anti inflammatory, Anti Cancer, Anti Aging, Healthy Fats, Low Carb, Nutrient Dense "Superfood", Supports Healthy Immune System, Supports Gut Health, Supports Brain Function, Supports Detoxification

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