Build A Healthy Lifestyle Around Integrative Nutrition

Integrative Nutrition

Robby’s Health and Wellness offers lessons in cooking and cuisine training as an integral part of a lifestyle built around healthy, mindful eating. We’ll design a personalized healthy diet to suit your needs and the health needs of your family. Cooking with nutrient dense whole foods and superfoods, you’ll be on your way to a delicious lifestyle transformation.

Our culinary training can include:

  • Personalized Dietary Needs Plan
  • In-depth Personalized Market Tours
  • Pantry Make-overs
  • Personalized & Structured Culinary Training
  • Meal Planning Instruction
  • Weekly Meal Planning Assistance
  • Meal Preparation Instruction
  • Core Cooking Method Instruction
  • General Food Safety Instruction
  • Monthly In-home Cooking Instruction For Your Favorite Meals
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Nutrition Counseling For A Healthy Diet

We’ll explain general nutrition principles and tailor them to your specific dietary needs. Good nutrition affects your body, mind and soul. We’ll explore the habits which may be keeping you from a healthy diet. You’ll learn to understand your microbiome and the importance of gut health to your general well-being. We’ll teach you to recognize nutrient dense “superfoods” and use them to construct a healthy diet. Do you have special dietary needs? We’ll help you build a delicious and healthful diet whether your needs are vegan/vegetarian; diabetes friendly; gluten, egg, sugar or dairy free. Nutritional training will have you well on your way to holistic cooking and mindful eating.

Food Shopping in the Hudson Valley

Professional chefs know that fine meals start with shopping for the freshest, healthiest and most delicious ingredients. We’ll show you how to shop for the foods your body needs to stay healthy. You’ll learn what’s needed to prepare delicious meals and snacks so you’ll love — and stick to — your new diet. Need a “pantry makeover”? You’ll learn how to stock and keep a healthy pantry that satisfies your palate as well as your overall health.

Culinary Training: Cooking Lessons to Enjoy What You Eat

Mindful preparation of nutrient filled superfoods will help you get their full health benefits. But simply cooking healthy meals won’t change your diet and lifestyle. You’ll need to cook and prepare delicious meals and snacks to stick to a diet and maintain your lifestyle makeover. Your lessons start with core cooking methods to get the most out of your ingredients by using healthy preparation and cooking techniques. We’ll prepare a meal plan filled with the kinds of recipes that appeal to you, and teach you how to cook those meals. Robby uses his CIA training and 30 years as a professional chef to teach you how trained chefs turn fresh wholesome ingredients into mouth-watering meals.

Get Ready for a Lifestyle Transformation!

Preparing and sharing healthy meals with family and friends; knowing that you are nurturing and nourishing your whole mind and body; savoring the beauty of fresh delicious ingredients… that’s a lifestyle you can live with!

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