Cashew Cream with Sour Cream Variation

vegan cashew cream sauce 3

These basic cashew cream recipes are fantastic for a great many things.  You can use the sweet version to top puddings or mashed yams, while the sour version can replace any regular sour cream.  You can also leave the maple syrup out, and you have a wonderful creamy pasta sauce base.

Coconut Date Cookies

Coconut date cookies

These coconut date cookies are a delight that you can enjoy without all of the guilt.  When you can satisfy that craving in some nutritious treats you can enjoy them that much more.  Have Fun!!

Creamy Berry Smoothie

Creamy Berry Smoothie

This smoothie recipe loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.  Great tasting and super quick and easy to make.  Enjoy one today!!

Goji Berry Granola


This granola is one granola recipe that you never have to worry about it being healthy.  There are many different granola recipes, and you may have some of your own.   This one gives you the best of all worlds and will undoubtedly be one that you would enjoy playing with on a regular basis.

Kidney Bean Spread

kidney bean dip

This recipe is probably one of the best things to make for a healthy snack.  Pairing this recipe with a vegetable crudite is an excellent way to have a healthy tasty snack for you and your family.

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